Pátio Angra

The Municipality of Angra dos Reis, seeking to promote integration between the bodies that make up the Municipal Administration, and thus provide efficiency and speed in decision-making by centralizing all the secretariats in the same place, decided, through the Secretariat of Government and Institutional Relations, launched the “Administrative Center and Convention Center” Project, through Public Call n.º 002/2018/SGRI, where Plantar Ideias in partnership with Spin had the opportunity to contribute with more than 80% of the conceptualization of the development, preparing a robust feasibility study of sustainable architecture. The proposal sought to bring not only intelligence, but sustainability linked to the design of the building, its implementation, architectural solution, concepts and design. The project elaborated from the planning, conceptualization, basic project contemplating capex and implantation plan, and opex with operation plans.

Ficha técnica:

Projeto: Angra dos Reis
Year: 2019