Concrete, the main raw material of large cities, is the protagonist of Jardim Urbano, by Plantar Ideias in the MADE exhibition, during the DW!2016 design week, at the Jockey Club of São Paulo.

This project was an invitation to visitors to a unique experience that involves all the senses. The organic geometric floors, from the Apis Line, made of concrete blend in perfect harmony with flowerbeds of tropical plants from Floricultura Campineira, distributed asymmetrically through space.

Protagonists of the garden, the furniture gains the status of works of art, highlighted by the lighting project in partnership with Brilia, which values the benches and birdhouses. To paraphrase Burle Marx, this garden will be made of light and sounds, with plants as supporting actors in the interaction between the historical existence and the ephemeral future that will be built in the event's scenography.

Ficha técnica:

Projeto: São Paulo
Year: 2016
Development: BIM architecture
Architecture: Flávio Miranda