Why implement pet friendly space in corporate environments?

The pet friendly space brings several advantages to corporate environments. See what the advantages are and how to implement it in your company.

Pet friendly spaces refer to places that undergo adaptations to receive pets, aiming at the well-being of pets and employees. See why to implement this concept and how it should be done.

What is a pet friendly space?

The “pet friendly” concept refers to the customization of corporate environments so that they can receive pets with the best possible structure.

These places are gaining more and more space among Brazilian companies, being much sought after by managers who want to reduce the stress and anxiety of their employees, allowing the presence of pets in the workplace to improve their well-being. 

What are the advantages of adopting a pet friendly space?

It is not an expensive investment.

Most of the time, it is not necessary to invest in structural changes in the place, only to carry out occasional adaptations.

Help to retain customers

Generally, pet friendly spaces are very well regarded by customers, which can influence the choice and subsequent decision to hire these spaces.

Helps attract new customers

Implementing the concept can also help attract new customers, who will certainly enjoy visiting the place, either to bring their own pets or to interact with those around.

It is important to note that this type of attraction is organic, that is, the disclosure takes place among the customers themselves, which is very powerful for the company, even more so at this time when the adhesion to the pet friendly space is gradually happening.

Why implement the pet friendly space in corporate environments?

If a company is interested in implementing this concept, it will certainly need to create a space that is both comfortable and functional, ensuring the well-being of pets and meeting basic needs.

In this sense, it is essential to have a planning and organization project, with actions and care to be taken into account to ensure good coexistence between the pets and, mainly, between them and the people who are present in the company's routine.

How to implement a pet friendly environment in the company

Analyze the possibility of adding soundproofing

It is important to consider people who are uncomfortable with the presence of animals. In this sense, to avoid embarrassment, think about the possibility of installing acoustic insulation, avoiding barking and other noises.

Use coatings that facilitate cleaning

Rugs and carpets are incompatible with a pet friendly space. In these environments, it is necessary to prioritize coatings that are easy to clean and maintain.

Porcelain tile, for example, is easy to clean, beautiful and does not suffer damage when coming into contact with water and disinfectants.

Choose an airy place to serve as a pet friendly place.

Dogs, for example, need an open space with good air circulation. Due to the existence of habits or the need to sunbathe, it is important that the place is ventilated so that the animals do not become stressed.

The pet space, when open, also contributes to keeping the temperature more pleasant, preventing animals from feeling too hot, which can be extremely harmful to them.

Let the creativity loose

In addition to being attentive to technical factors, providing well-being to pets and employees, the company can take advantage of the planning of the structure of the pet friendly space to be creative and delight, even more, those who love animals.

Moreover, it is necessary:

  • Place trash cans and provide bags so that owners can clean up animal feces;
  • Have cushions, benches and beds to ensure the comfort of the animals;
  • Distribute pots of water and feed around the environment.

Learn how to implement a pet friendly space with a corporate architecture project

The pet friendly space emerges as a demand from employees and customers who want to have their beloved pets close by, even in corporate environments. With the help of Plantar Ideias, it is possible to apply the concept through the corporate architecture for the most diverse sectors and objectives.

Conheça mais sobre a Plant Ideas em nosso site e veja como adotar o conceito de pet friendly em sua empresa.

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Imagem de espaço pet friendly em ambiente corporativo